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CoupleSets: One of the most important aspect of your proposal!

Engagement is the promise made by two people in love to be married. A couple that is in love will be considered to be engaged when both of them agree to marry soon. If the answer to "Will you marry me?" is "Yes", then the couple is engaged. The engagement will last until the day of the civil wedding.

The couple must be married no later than one year after the engagement date, that is, the wedding should be celebrated within one year.

But, it's an easy suggestion; there aren't any rules in this area. Like marriage, engagement has no legal significance or effect it is simply an agreement made by two people who are in love to say "I do" to each other in the near future. The fact that the loving couple is of the opposite sexuality or the same is not relevant to engagement. Engagement is therefore a firm intention to get married, whether heterosexual or homosexual couple.


The origins of engagement can be traced back to "bride-buying" when the woman had no control over her future husband. The man bought the wife who suited his needs. He then made a deal with the father of his bride a "dowry" to be able to pay her in cash. The ladies were "bought", and were left with no choice in the issue of their wedding. However, they did have the possibility of requesting compensation if their husband failed to keep his promise to marry at the time. Arranged marriages continue to exist in some non-Christian countries. Even in modern times women are still married whether they like it or not.

Engagement customs

Engagement rings are the most significant and well-known symbol of engagement. The man gives the ring to his loved one and asks if she will marry him. In certain cases the man can also wear an engagement ring. In this case couples often pick rings together. In the classic engagement one, a man surprises his girlfriend by gifting her a rings. In this instance, classic solitaire rings are often chosen. It is a white or yellow gold ring that has an engagement ring with a stone in the middle. Some people still believe that an engagement ring should be only worn for a year, and then placed in a jewelry case. In the ideal case the bride will wear her engagement ring for the entire life of the bride. The engagement ring is placed on the ring fingers of the right hand or in conjunction with the wedding ring, on the left hand. The engagement ring should therefore be secured by the wedding ring they say.

Before asking any questions, he demands the father-to-be of the bride to lend him the woman's hand. This means that the man will first ask the father of the woman for permission to marry her. If he receives a "yes", he will ask the woman if she would like to get married. He then puts on his engagement ring, and they get married the following year.

What is the significance of engagement?

Engagement is a signification in a form of preparation for marriage. The couple themselves, but also their families and friends are thus given the "message" of the couple's sincere intentions. The ceremony of engagement, also known as the wedding celebration, which is classically done with family and friends. It sends a clear message to those close to them that two people are serious about one another. Furthermore, it's an excellent time to be a part of your love story and enjoy a an unforgettable party. This is also a great solution to the question, "Should I be engaged in secret or publicly?" The entourage can share in the love of two people through an official engagement. It also helps prepare the couple for wedding. What are the reasons behind a secret engagement, in actuality? Even if it's your own decision to make, you should be sure to let your loved ones know and help them prepare for marriage.

Why do we get engaged?

At this moment, a similar problem could arise: "Why do we get married? Every child knows what that is - a genuflection and an enthusiastic and loving "yes, I will" and then the ultimate adornment of a gold wedding ring. sparkling diamond! Engagement is a gorgeous tradition that, for a majority of couples, is part of the beginning of a lifetime together. This vow is among the most beautiful promises for many people. It has an enormous significance. It is romantic and "just part of life". But in reality the engagement is a prerequisite for marriage.

All it takes is two people to decide to marry nowadays, and without any formal conditions. It's different when it comes to marriages in which one of the couple must be of legal age at the age of 18 and the other 16 years old. Marriage can be concluded without the traditional engagement with ring and ceremony. However, the actual engagement takes place anyway when the two decide to wed.

The engagement period also allows certain loving couples a sort of time to reflect or, more specifically, for preparation for marriage, before taking the legal step of a wedding. If we consider the divorce rate of more than 40%, we can understand even better the English expression "marry in haste and then repent at leisure". Indeed, in Germany there are 153,500 marriages and 407,500 divorces.

To this end each partner should be sure of their decision before committing to a marriage.

Let's focus on the positive aspects of a couple instead! When love is so strong that you cannot imagine living without your partner, when you are willing to be a part of everything - joys and sorrows, and when you are always in love with one another and a promise of a lifetime together is a wonderful thing. Being in a position to trust someone completely is something that is truly unique. It is therefore a beautiful tradition to get engaged and be in a relationship that is supportive of us. There are many happy weddings that have taken place even with the breakups.

How long are engagements lasting?

The relationship between an engaged couple is not broken until it is. This can happen either through marriage or when one of the partners decides they do not want to be married.

An engagement doesn't require any specific format or arrangement, nor does it require a break-up. Many couples are engaged for a period of one year prior to the time they are married.

The evolution of engagements by Germany

Up until two decades ago the idea of engagements was considered outdated. Fortunately the situation has changed and the majority of engagements are celebrated in the most exclusive setting. Another beautiful development is the custom of an engagement ring. In the past men were not likely to show this gesture towards the woman they were dating. Nowadays, however, a majority of women can benefit from an engagement ring.

In fact the ring, a sign of love, is now an established custom in Germany. It's a lovely custom that comes to us from the United States and for which women are particularly thankful!

Diamonds are the best companions of girls, as they say.

FAQ on the meaning of Engagement

What does engagement mean?

See Engagement Customs above.

Where do you wear which rings?

In Germany, engagement rings are worn on the left finger. In Germany the alliance is on the right.

Which hand is engaged and which is married?

The bride and groom wear the wedding rings to the right.

How long can I be engaged?

There is no set rule for the length of time an engagement should last. Unwritten law states that the marriage should be completed within one year from the date of request.

Are commitments legally binding?

There aren't any financial or legal rules that govern engagement.

Are you automatically engaged after the wedding proposal?

The marriage proposal is the same as engagement.

Is engagement a civil matter?

The status of "engaged" is meaningless from a legal or economic standpoint. It is only at the time of marriage that a new family status is established.

Are engagements legally binding?

An engagement is not subject to any tax or legal obligations.


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